Meet the Midwife

Constance is proud to offer families of Orlando, FL and surrounding areas, an opportunity for comprehensive, natural, client centered care for their fertility, pregnancy and postpartum. With over 10 years of experience in a myriad of settings (and 20 years of medical background), building strong families is priority. Her goal is to facilitate empowered decision making and collaborative care which correlates to improved maternal-fetal health outcomes.

Constance Tucker, BSM, CPM, LM


Constance started her career in healthcare at 16 years old working as a nursing assistant in pediatrics and ob/gyn. Her first assisted birth was at the age of 17; the client was having an emergent c-section and the doctor believed she was a great candidate to offer support.

A decade later, after having her own children, she was inspired by the work of Marie Mongan, creator of Hypnobirthing, which changed her life. She met, and was fortunate enough to be able to spend some time with, the program creator. She also found inspiration by her own midwives, to move onto supporting families in pregnancy and birth.

She became a certified Hypnobirthing Educator. Learning more history and current events further inspired her education into birth and supporting the foundation of families through safe, empowered, and educated birth choices for which she went on to become a professional doula through DONA.

She was motivated by holistic wellbeing knowledge and education, completed yoga teacher training (20 hour RYT) and achieved a prenatal specialization in yoga RPYT. She then became more involved in Fertility Care (CrMS) education and attended the masters level educational program to become a Fertility Care Practitioner.

Realizing there was much work to be done in professional circles of obstetrical and gynecological care, she finally applied and was accepted to midwifery college program after the encouragement of the midwives who had supported her births. In November 2017, she graduated magna cum laude, from the Midwives College of Utah, as a CPM with a Bachelor of Science in Midwifery (BSM). Then passed the national exam with NARM.

She traveled extensively for school, working in a variety of situations and garnering a unique skillset and perspective not only for birth but for midwifery care in general. She has had the opportunity to learn from many professionals including, DEM, LM, CPM, DO, MD, ARNP, CNM, RN, herbalists, and DC. Her specific experiences have created an open mindset, perfect for meeting a wide spectrum of needs for clients.

With years of experience working in the birth field in hospitals, clinics, birth centers, and at home births, she is well equipped to bring midwifery care to families in Central Orlando.

Now it’s your turn; let us know what you’re looking for in community care.

Education and Background

  • Current license – Florida and Wisconsin
  • Current NARM CPM
  • Certified Safe Transport instructor (in conjunction with Smooth Transitions)
  • Certified phlebotomist
  • 2012 to present owned and managed collaborative and professional support services for medical professionals and families
  • 2018 – present MEAC volunteer and educational analyst
  • 2018/19 Licensure transfer course at CCSM with Jennie Joseph, LM (FL)
  • 2017/18 Staff midwife hospital owned birth center, licensed midwife, WI
  • 2016/17 Rural midwifery work (home births), WA
  • 2017 Graduate Magna Cum Laude, BSM, Midwives College of Utah
  • 2015 Volunteer work for underprivileged at border crossing (AZ)
  • 2012/16 Doula family support and midwife assistant
  • 2015 Training NaPro Reproductive Technologies
  • 2012/13 Yoga/Prenatal Yoga teacher training
  • Prior 2012 Hospital based support work (nursing assistant, medical assisting, lab assistant)

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